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Hello, I am Luka.
A full-stack web developer.

Nis, Serbia

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About me

My full name is Luka Robajac. I come from a small town of Nis, located in southern part of Serbia. I am a full-stack web developer for roughly 2 years now! I love developing just about anything, from whole web apps to small scripts that will be implemented as a part of some bigger app.

Besides my love for programming, I am very social orientated person and love to talk a lot. Whether it is discussing projects or talking about your favorite food, I'll be more than happy to chat with you and share my opinion so we can have a healthy discussion!

Projects and experience

Through my career as a freelancer, I got to work on many awesome projects. Most important thing I got from them is the experience. I consider that experience a must have in order to be able to build the best apps possible! Also, let's not forget the knowledge inevitable part of every project you do, whether it is work or personal project.


PHP Laravel NodeJS MongoDB Mongoose MySQL JavaScript jQuery C# Bootstrap Bulma HTML5 CSS3

Freelancing career

I became a freelancer as soon as I learned a thing about web development. It was tough at the begining to find new clients or any jobs at all. But, as the time went by, I managed to earn some clients, their trust and respect. That helped me bounce off into the world of unknown! Being a freelancer can be very hard at some times, but also feels so much rewarding most of the time!

Social media

If you feel like it you can also follow me on any social media you like. I do post things from time to time. My GitHub holds all my projects, except work related projects are private and thus hidden.

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